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Craven Dunnill Jackfield also runs an award-winning educational programme, hosting workshops for around 7,500 children each year in traditional ceramic decoration and manufacturing. Each workshop is adapted for the needs of students, providing a programme for all ages and abilities. Various courses include tube lining, slip casting, freeform and encaustic tile making and are tailored to cover areas of curriculum such as science, maths, design and technology, history, geography, business, literacy and citizenship.

Our workshops embrace both the fantastic history of our extraordinary site, the energy and enthusiasm of a modern commercial tile manufacturer passionate about the retention of traditional processes and the continuing advancement of technology.

Holiday Workshops

These workshops are available on selected dates throughout the year, and are open to the whole family. All ages are welcome to come and join in at having a go at decorating their own tile using the tube lining technique.

Activities for May Half Term:
Please click on the below link to book your place in the May Half Term – Tile Decorating Workshops.

Please pre book your Half Term Tile Decorating Workshop here.

There are designs available for you to trace but it is often more interesting for students to design their own having taken inspiration from the Museum’s galleries. We have a design sheet that you can download below that is great for drafting out your ideas before you visit.

  • Half Term dates: 31st May, 1st June, 2nd June
  • Workshop cost is £9.50 per participant and covers all you need to make a 6 inch tile. (booking fees apply)
  • Tiles can be collected from The Jackfield Tile Museum or posted to you (UK postage is £4.95 if required)
  • Workshop dates are available throughout the year
  • Can't see a date that suits you? Get in touch to arrange a special event for you and friends (min 10 students)
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Drop-in Workshop Downloads

Design Sheet
John Scott Maths Trail
Totally Terrific

One day Tubelining course

Students will learn the traditional Victorian process of tubelining, which is still used commercially in our factory today, and create their own unique tiles.  These tiles can be used together to make a panel or individual designs can be made for a fireplace, wall or simply as gifts.  The workshops are open to all abilities and no previous experience is needed.  The day will include full tuition from an expert tile maker, time to explore the Jackfield tile Museum galleries for inspiration, and all materials you will need to decorate up to 8 tiles

Please click on the below link to book your place for the One day Tubelining course.
Please pre book your One day Tubelining course here

Come along and create your own unique set of tiles using the traditional process of Tubelining. Using a clay slip to create an outline you then infill your pattern with beautiful coloured glazes (although they will be mostly grey on the day!)
There is no need to prepare anything in advance, but if you wish to create a design beforehand, work to scale on paper keeping your design bold and simple (this can then be traced on to your tiles). Please feel free to contact us for advice or if you have any questions.

  • How long is the course? The course is a one day, 9:30-4pm event
  • Tubelining Course dates: Friday 8th April, Friday 6th May and Friday 24th June
  • The cost of the one day tubelining course is £95.00 (plus Eventbrite booking fee of £4.58) per participant this includes all you need to decorate up to 8, 6 inch square tiles.
  • Collection can be made from the Jackfield Tile Museum or tiles can be posted out for an additional charge, payable on the day (£10, if required). Please allow 28 days for delivery.
  • Can't see a date that suits you? Get in touch to arrange a special event for you and friends (min 10 students)
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Educational Visits

The Tile Decorating Workshops are suitable for children of all ages and no prior skills are required. Students will produce their own tile using the tube lining technique which was popular in the Art Nouveau period. Tiles can be made individually or working in groups to create panels.

You can book a group workshop up to a year in advance. Workshops last around one and a half hours. Maximum size group is 30 students. However, we are able to offer the option of split groups should your class be in excess of our maximum. School visits are available 7 days a week, subject to availability.

Early booking is recommended. Workshop cost per student £9 and £20 postage inc vat. Additional museum entrance charges will apply, if required.

Educational Visit Downloads

Design Sheet
Key Skills Level 1
Key Skills Level 2
Totally Terrific Worksheet
Tiny Tots Worksheet
John Scott Maths Trail
EWS Risk Assessment

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