Our Skills

The skilled craftsmanship that went into the production of ceramic tiles during the late Victorian era lives on today at Craven Dunnill Jackfield.

All our tiles are handmade to order, allowing for a tailor made service to each and every one of our customers.

We are constantly looking to develop and evolve our processes and production methods, and it is quite common for the factory to develop new techniques to ensure our world acclaimed status is maintained. We celebrate craftmanship, but at scale.

Creative & Custom Design

We specialise in producing quality hand-made products. All commissions are made to order allowing for a tailor made service to fit the needs of any client. Our professional design team collaborate closely with our customers from initial concept right through to delivery, producing an end product that is one of a kind.

Encaustic Manufacture

As the leading manufacturer of traditionally-styled, encaustic tiles in the World, we are committed to making encaustic and geometric floor tiles to the highest standards, using traditional techniques and materials.

Our floor tile production team are second-to-none in the production of plastic pressed encaustic tiles and traditional gauge, square edge, unglazed geometric floor tiles.

Slip Casting

Slip Casting is adopted to produce our large 3-dimensional ceramics and the associated specialist fittings. Hollow cast moulds are hand-crafted, and a slip clay is poured into the reservoir. Once the piece has dried, the mould is removed to reveal a cast item, ready to be decorated, glazed and fired in the kiln.

Hand Carving

All our moulds are delicately carved by hand, working the plaster to the finest possible detail. It is this commitment to detail from our highly skilled craftsmen that enables the manufacture of our completely unique products.

Hand Decoration

Hand decoration allows our clients to express their creativity through ceramics. Our products are finished to the highest quality, using techniques such as tube lining, bulb-glazing, and hand dipping. These processes combine to bring the products to life, giving them their unique, bright, and colourful appearance.

Glaze Colour-matching

Getting colour, and getting the colour, are two very different things in ceramics. Our team of glaze experts have considerable knowledge and experience in delivering to specific colour requirements. With a long history in delivering the colour required, we have the skills to achieve it, enhance it, and control it in different glaze base chemistries.


We have highly skilled product matching experts, for customers wishing to restore an original ceramic product replicating both the format, colour and surface finish. All matched tiles are handmade to order, allowing for a tailor made service to each and every specialist project commission.