Art on the Underground

Art on the Underground is a pioneer in commissioning contemporary artworks that enrich the journeys of millions on the London Underground every day in the UK. From large-scale commissions to pocket-sized Tube map covers, Art on the Underground works with acclaimed artists to maintain art as a central element of Transport for London’s identity and engaging passengers and staff in a sense of shared ownership.

Water-jet cutting was used by Craven Dunnill Jackfield both to create striking murals with contemporary, colourful designs, and also to re-create original designs, in stations along the Victoria Line in London, as part of the Art on the Underground project. The tiled murals can be seen in various stations ranging from ticket halls through to platforms behind seating recesses, and reflect the heritage and history of the locations. In the Oxford Circus Complex, the blue, red and brown colours within the mural depict the three underground lines that all connect at that point.