Parliament House

Parliament House is located on Spring Street in East Melbourne, Victoria. Construction began in 1855, and the building was officially opened the following year; however, it was not totally completed until 1929. In 1901, it served as the meeting place of the Parliament of Australia, during the period when Melbourne was the temporary national capital. The federal parliament moved to Parliament House, Canberra, in 1927, allowing the Victorian state parliament to return to the building.

Working in partnership with Olde English Tiles, Australia, we produced replica encaustic tiles to replace those damaged by heavy footfall. The 44 square foot design, is a beautiful example of a Pugin design and Minton manufacture and is made up of several patterns, some with a gentle radius allowing the design to flow in a circular pattern.

The intricately patterned tile floor of the vestibule carries a Biblical quote “Where no counsel is the people fall but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”.  Replacement tiles require careful hand cutting and colour matching prior to firing to allow for the tiles to slot seamlessly next to the original tiles.