Comal County Courthouse

The Comal County Courthouse is located in New Braunfels in Texas. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in Comal County, Texas in 1976. Comal County has had two courthouses. The first was designed by Wilhelm Thielepape and completed circa 1860, but had deteriorated in condition by the late 1890s. The current Romanesque Revival style courthouse was designed by James Riely Gordon and completed in 1898 by contractors Fischer and Lamie.

In 2012, working in partnership with Tile Source Inc, Craven Dunnill Jackfield manufactured replacement encaustic and geometric floor tiles to match the existing tiles that adorn the interior floors and the external circular balconies. Over 15’000 Buff coloured Octagon tiles were dust pressed by hand to match in size and colour to the original tiles using specially commissioned steel dies. Squares, rectangles and triangles in various sizes were also required to make up the tessellating patterns. Tiles for the external balconies required precision manufacturing to ensure the complex pattern of hexagons and triangles fitted together, along with a specially matched blue colour required to complete the border.