Borough Station

Borough station originally opened in 1900 but saw extensive renovations at platform level in 1926 as part of the modernisation of the City & South London line. The tile pattern, using a variety of multi-coloured borders (both flush and raised) on a pale grey/white field ground are typical of this period of the Underground’s architecture. The 1990’s modernisation saw a decision to retain and renew this design to create a real feel of the Twenties.

Craven Dunnill Jackfield replicated the hand manufactured relief ceramics using the same processes and materials as would have been used originally. However this was also delivered with a contemporary twist to the original design concept, working closely with both LU and the Atkins design team a metric modular scheme was created. The scheme combines 150x75mm white gloss tiles with black double aris tiles framing the station roundel and the black skirting detail at the base of the platform and corridor walls.