Polo Bamba Restaurant

More than 10,000 hand-crafted Craven Dunnill Jackfield tiles were used to stunning effect in the new Polo Bamba restaurant in Uruguay.

The restaurant is within Hotel Montevideo in Uruguay’s capital city and has been designed by renowned interior designer James Boyd Niven.

More than 60 different types of tiles were used in the ambitious project, ranging from large 50x50cm fleur-de-lis pieces weighing more than 40kg each, to custom cut out tiles to decorate the wall sconces. Tile depths vary from 2cm to 15cm to make the walls architectural centrepieces, filled with interest and intrigue.

Belle Epoque style glazed ceramic tiles have been used from floor to ceiling, framing a collection of antique mirrors. Glazed in a subtle hue of light sage, greys and blues, the tiles come alive in a grand theatrical manner as the afternoon light shines into the room. That’s thanks to the custom colour glaze which has a particular transparency that gradually changes colour as the angle of view or light alters throughout the day.

The inherit craquelé effect on the tiles makes it appear they have been in place for more than a century, while the existing bearing columns were cladded with feather-shaped tiles to help them blend into the room.

Polo Bamba is a fantastic example of how Craven Dunnill Jackfield tiles can be used to create something that is classic yet contemporary.